The Barber in Mexico City

The young deaf barista in a deaf café, Morelia

The drag queen in La Noches, a gay bar in Puerta Vallarta

The deaf coconut seller in Isla Mujeres

Paolo the hard of hearing (but unilaterally deaf) friend

Jose, an 18yr old deaf gay gay in a Guadalarajah café

The Blind masseur in Arequipa

Peruvian Guides – a note from a Deaf traveller

The deaf laundry man in a hotel in Agua Calientes

My Bolivian step parents

The deaf club in Las Pas (and #tshirtgate)

Mr HK deaf in Potosi

The Argentinian, not American, couple in Humacuacha

The Deaf Car Parking Attendant

The hostel in Tafi des Valles

The Thrifty lady (I mean a lady that works for Thrifty, now now!)

The Venzuelan deaf guy living in Buenos Aires

The qualified, but unemployed, deaf guys in Santiago

The deaf family in Quito

Johanna, a deaf lady in Pasto

The deaf owners of “Monkey” in Dosquebradas (near Pereira)

2019 is almost here, my own reflections on poverty

The Motorbike Guy from Mompos (or Mompox)

Jesus and David – no its not a bible story! From Panama

The tour guide in Juayua

A letter of admiration to all bus drivers in Latin America

Lanquin, some of its people and some European tourists

Hostel Ranchitos del Quetzal: The Manageress, the bird caller and the Quetzal dummy!

7 months as a deaf solo traveller in Latin America, A summative reflective interview